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Hyperlite Motive 134

Shaun Murray's Hyperlite Motive 134 + Hyperlite Bindings (brand new) + Billabong Life Vest (Camo, S) + WakeSide Carrying Case _________________________________________________ Σε τέλεια κατάσταση, χωρίς dings ή ίχνος γρατσουνιάς από rails, με ελάχιστη χρήση (πάντα ξεπλυμένο μετά από κάθε χρήση), δίνεται λόγω τραυματισμού. _______________________________________________ Description: Preferred by beginner/intermediate/advanced riders who like the flowing feel of the original free ride series. A mellower turn with a smoother lift off the wake than out other decks. The original molded-in fin creation designed by World Champion Shaun Murray. These outer fins act as a stabilizer for new riders requiring stability for their wake experience. Advanced riders prefer the molded-in fins for a stronger rail into the kicker. Smooth, predictable, fast continuous rocker line covers the spectrum of abilities. A "V" bottom tunnel lets additional water flow thru for greater traction and stability on landings. Bio2 Core: Created a few years back with Dow Chemical for the right combination of swing weight and durability for recreational to advanced riding. Monocoque Construction: Integrating the top glass and the bottom glass into one generating a more durable board on side impacts and prevents the ol side delamination Layered Glass: A non-woven glass available in 4 sizes, depending on the size of the board. Over time, woven glass fibers will separate. Every Hyperlite deck will have the same snap on a double up after five seasons as it will on the first one. Lifetime Warranty: There is no need for buyers remorse; Hyperlite backs their boards up.